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2nd District Bourse Vacation Rentals
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The 2nd Arrondissement Paris is one of the financial centers of Europe and an important site for the journalism and fashion industries. The Bourse (stock exchange) is located in the 2nd Arrondissement. Visit important places such as The Galleries, a shop-lined passage that are possibly the prototypes for today’s indoor shopping malls. Find several different Paris vacation rentals and furnished apartments in Paris.

The eastern end of the 2nd Arrondissement has been home to Paris’ red-light district since the early renaissance. Other important sites in the 2nd Arrondissement are la Bibliothèque Nationale de France and La Tour Jean-sans-Peur. Appreciate the beauty of antique Parisian architecture in areas like the Place des Victoires and Notre Dame des Victoires.

For this area, you can easily access the 1st District Louvre, 3rd District Le Marais and 9th District Opera.

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