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20 Sports and Exercises found in 20 different worldwide destinations

Apr 07

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Following is a list of twenty ways you can attain fitness and exercise through activities all around the world. Some people are just not gym-goers but aside from that, these activities give you a great view of vacation destinations from a whole new perspective. Find activities near affordable vacation rental apartments or holiday rental homes.

1. Travel Tip - Exhale Spa

Aside from the basic spa offerings, exhale spas offer Core classes. Core classes are a combination of pilates, yoga, tai chi and weight training focused on the abdominal muscles. You can find Exhale Spas in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Boston. South Beach will welcome one soon at the beachfront Traymore Hotel. Get your own DVD on For more information, call 212-249-3000.

2. Travel Tip - Biking Napa Wine Country

San Francisco’s LifeCycle Adventures introduced a new exercise activity in which you bike the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma over a series of days at a more intense pace. The routes include five-mile climbs, sprints and overall strong coaching. Visit for more information or call 888-669-2453.

3. Travel Tip - Skiing and Fly-Fishing

The Three Forks Ranch, on the Colorado-Wyoming border, offers world-class trout fishing in the trout-filled Little Snake River. At no extra cost, guests will be chauffeured by limousine to Steamboat Springs, Colorado just south of the ranch and provide a personal ski guide. For more information, call 970-583-7396 or visit

4. Travel Tip - Running on the Great Wall of China

Run a 13.1-mile roller coaster marathon above the Great Wall of China three hours north of Beijing. The marathon is held every May. The course includes 1,800 steps to dirt grounds of farming villages. For more information, visit or call 619-298-7400.

5. Travel Tip - Monkey Bar Gymnasium

Madison, Wisconsin is home to a Monkey Bar Gymnasium that offers adults fun, yet seriously demanding exercises supplemented just by your own body weight or simples devices such as jump ropes and medicine balls. If you want to take advantage of this fitness plan but do not live in Madison, visit and they will put a program together for you. For more information, call 605-663-7511.

6. Travel Tip -  Sardegna Multi-Sport Adventure

The eight-day multi-sport adventure involves water activities such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing and sailing. Land-associated activities include biking, hiking, preparing pane frattau and exploring fishing villages, Roman ruins and more. For more information, call 800-866-7314 or visit,

7. Travel Tip - Bike from Montreal to Quebec

Take a six-day bike ride from Montreal to Quebec City along scenic bike-friendly streets and farmland along the St. Lawrence River. The route includes stops for gourmet mushrooms, fine wines and artisanal cheeses. For more information, call 866-551-9090 or visit

8. Travel Tip - Maine’s Family Multi-Play

Much like a playground for adults, the Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Main offers mountains to hike, pink granite rocks to climb and islands to visit through kayak. Spend six days hiking, biking, or kayaking on backroads from Acadia to Castine, Camden and Rockport. For more information, call 800-462-2848 or visit

9. Travel Tip - Heli-Bike in British Columbia

Mountain bikers are taken by helicopters to various British Columbia mountain tops where they then speed down thousands of feet of descending wooded trails. They also offer one-day skill camps where you freshen up your off-road biking abilities. For more information, call 604-985-2519 or visit

10. Travel Tip - Stand-up Paddling in Maui

Stand up on 10 to 12 foot boards and paddle. This provides an excellent and fun exercise for abdominal strength and balance. Take lessons at Maria Souza’s Stand-Up Paddle Boarding School. Call 808-579-9231 or visit

11. Travel Tip - Disney Family Adventures

Disney features great outdoor activities on their trips to places like the Alps, where you can race down the 12-mile descent; the Galapagos; and the Glacier National Park, where you can white-water raft down the Flathead River. For more information, call 877-728-7282 or visit


12. Travel Tip - Improve your Fitness Level

Athlete’s Performance offers something called the Executive Experience, a four-day workshop focused on reaching each individual’s personal goals and practiced through two daily work outs and nutrition with nutritional seminars. At the end, take home your personalized training routine. For more information, call 480-449-9000 or visit

13. Travel Tip - Multi-Sport through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park

Kayak, hike or raft through two of the nation’s most iconic national parks. For more information, call 800-346-6277 or visit

14. Travel Tip - Baseball Camp

The Heroes in Pinstripes camp is held in early November in South Florida. Practice batting and for the final Big Game, you go up against the pros. For more information, call 215-766-0582 or visit

15. Travel Tip  -  Yoga Hang-Time

Unnata Aerial Yoga in Brooklyn is a mix of yoga and aerial by holding positions why supported by nylon slings. Easy for beginners. Helps with muscle strength and spinal flexibility. For more information, call 646-205-3210 or visit

16. Travel Tip - Hiking England’s Bronte Country

Spend six days hiking through Yorkshire’s Haworth Village, where author of Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte was raised with her two sisters. Also explore ancient farmhouses and moors while you learn about the culture and British literature. A July 26 trip for women is planned. Call 800-249-4620 for more information or visit

17. Travel Tip - SmartBike Around the World

The SmartBike system is seen all around Europe. Bike instead of using a car to get around. People may just swipe a card or punch in a code so that the bike rack releases one of the bikes. Washington DC also has a SmartBike system. Visit

18. Travel Tip - Kiteboard on Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Take Kiteboarding classes on the beautiful waters of Virgin Gorda. Visit or call 800-872-2392.

19.  Travel Tip - Climb a Volcano

Attempt to walk to the top of Africa’s 19,340-foot Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Mount Kenya, Mount Meru and Ol Doinyo Lengai in the Adventures Within Reach program. The Kilimanjaro alone normally takes 5 to nine days. Together, you need to set aside 27 days. Call 877-232-5836 or visit

20. Travel Tip - Walk along Australia’s Great Ocean Road

Most people drive along this mesmerizing road but Epicurious Travel leads a four-day hike along the Great Ocean Road. Each day consists of roughly 9 miles along the Great Ocean Road and eucalyptus forests. Call 011-61-3-9486-5409 or visit

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